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Portrait Pic

Pro Smiling – Couples together, Biz Card, Letter Head, email sig file, T2 Web Page, car decals,

1300 Number

Cost $5 p.m + 4c a min at www.telcoworks.com.au. This number appears on almost everything

$5 p.m


Bank a/c BSB + A/c # or paypal account so we can pay you every month.


All businesses ie Agents, Tradies etc are required to have an Australian Business Number

Agency Contract

What we offer you and you offer us. What we both can and can’t do.

QR Code

Links to “Agent’s Region T2” Page which links to Free Website Analysis

Internet Marketing Course

Earn while you learn unique Internet marketing skills.Follow the course and you’ll earn thousands a month. “White Hat” Marketing skills You’ll never forget

eMail Sig File

Include Pic + #1300 xxx xxx + T2 page URL + QR Code

Viral List Builder

Monthly 3 day/ 2 night Getaway Prize Draw

Lead Capture

Build your list with T2 lead capture page


Elastic sub a/cs capture 1st name +last name + email address, mobile #

Email Series

12 tested B2B emails to follow up Intro letterhead 12 tested B2C emails. Both incl.Sig files

Web Page

FLB T2 page + contact capture + 1300 xxx xxx

Webinars Free

We operate our own secure Internet Marketing training webinar platform. Every Thu at 7 pm. Also offered to business clients at 7:30 pm Thu commencing 2nd month

You Provide Your Own Promotional Material

Biz Cards

Pic, QR Code + #1300 + address Front & Back



Pic, QR Code, Sig file incl #1300


Baseball Cap

FLB Logo + URL #1300


Polo Shirt

FLB Logo + URL #1300


Car Signage 1

FLB Logo + www.findlocalbiz.com.au + 1300 xxx xxx
Right + Left Front Door 300mm x 600mm


Car Signage 2

Perforated rear window. Logo + URL + #1300
Size: 20 x 100 cm
Material: Perforated


Total Approx


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